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MERAKI TRICE - You’ll Regret Me

Southern-born queer artist, Meraki Trice, embraces the realms of R’n’B and Soul with their newest release, "You’ll Regret Me". Merging narratives from their personal experiences with a compelling soundscape, Trice crafts an evocative tale of queer love, mental health, and transcendence.

Their musical journey began in the solitude of a closet during the height of the pandemic, where they reconnected with their Southern Soul roots and commenced to narrate the underrepresented experiences of LGBTQ and African American communities.

"You’ll Regret Me" brilliantly juxtaposes a dark ballad with an invigorating hyper-pop dance beat. The song rejects self-blame and promotes self-love in the aftermath of a breakup. Initially, it delves into post-breakup melancholy, intending to evoke unease and anxiety. However, the second half challenges conventional notions, questioning whether the protagonist was at fault, or whether the ex-lover might be regretful. It's a clever twist that highlights the often-overlooked ability to love oneself, rather than succumbing to self-loathing due to events beyond our control.

Trice’s influences include Steve Lacy, Moses Summney, Summer Walker, Ma Rainey, and Amy Winehouse. These artists have helped shape Trice's innovative sound - a blend of traditional soul with modern, diverse genres.

In "You’ll Regret Me", Trice takes listeners on a sonic journey that challenges norms and preconceived notions. They offer an alternative perspective on heartbreak, one that allows for introspection, growth, and ultimately, self-love. With their unflinching honesty and unique blend of genres, Meraki Trice is undoubtedly an artist to watch in the world of R'n'B and Soul.



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