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MICK J. CLARK - This Is Where My Heart Belongs.


This Is Where My Heart Belongs.

Croydon, United Kingdom

It simply wouldn’t be a week of new music without an offering from the King of Cool himself, Mick J. Clark. This time he’s hitting us in style, big time, with ‘This Is Where My Heart Belongs.’ It's a classic ballad; a well-rounded sound pushes and pulls from the very start. Guitars strum, bass bounces and the drums are shiny, slapping the beat home with brushed snares. The vocals come through in an instant and you are whisked away, back to the time of slow rock ballads that warmed the heart and soul. It's a busy song, full of brilliant guitar phrases, all of which work to lift that vocal even higher until it becomes a profound icon of sound.

‘This Is Where My Heart Belongs’ is full of golden textures. The song feels like it was dropped into Mick J. Clark’s head by an Angel. It was divined to him, and from him to us. A hymn for modern times.



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