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MICK J. CLARK - We Know It's True.


We Know It's True.

Croydon, United Kingdom

Mick J Clark loves to write songs that hold within them a message. Poignant and current, they can be topical and means for debate, but when surrounded by the musical melody of Mick J Clark, they soften and are easier to accept, almost impossible not to. ‘We Know It’s True’ is one of those songs. It sings in a classic ballad frame about the state of the planet, the problems that come with pollution and the mistakes that have been made along the way. It's a sad song, full of swaying acoustic guitars, a piano that deals out heartfelt chords and percussion that rides the emotions provided by Mick J Clark’s trademark country-esque vocals.

The message is a hard one to listen to — the single, however, is anything but. It's smooth, catchy and warm. Only when you really listen to those lyrics do you catch the message, and that is the magic of fantastic songwriting.



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