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"Microphone" by The Overhead Bins: A Blend That Delivers Expansive Tonal Textures

Image of The Overhead Bins performing "Microphone" with wailing guitar, keys, synth, and steady percussion, delivering an experimental and exploratory sound.

‘Microphone’ from The Overhead Bins is an expansive song that bleeds into the sound space with colourful efficiency and leaves a permanent fixture in your head. The sound is tonal, textural. A blend of Muse and The Horrors, sitting somewhere in between. The percussion is steady, slow, and creative. It marks the beat but that needn’t mean the instrumental will follow. Wailing guitar, keys, synth, and unidentifiable flying sound waves that battle with the vocals’ height. And it is high. It flies above, peering over the song with glowing eyes, spelling lyrics in the clouds and casting shadows down below.

‘Microphone’ was an instant favourite for me. I love the experimental, the different, the exploratory sounds that come from indie music and The Overhead Bins are certainly flag bearers of such a sound. Their album, Telethon, houses more and more of these diverse and flabbergasting tracks. Check them out, wear them out, and come back for more. Muse in Gloom. The Overhead Bins know how to speak to the soul.



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