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Love Song

Nashville, United States

Alternative rock is on the rise, and for good reason. Its punchy, emotive, full of melody and deep bass and its focus on rhythmic melodies sets it apart from the indie-rock and classic rock crowd. Standing at the brink of this new wave of alternative rock is MNERVA and their latest single, ‘Love Song’. It has all the hallmarks of a great alternative track. It's thick, beefy with guitars and bass that pair to make that melodic section ever richer. The drums span a country with splashing snares and deep floors that echo and thrum in the silence and the vocal sets it all over the edge. MNERVA has that alternative quality, the ability to switch from clean to grit at the tip of a hat. It's breathtaking and moving, above all else, it’s a head-banging good time.

The song rises and falls as all classic alternative rock tracks do but you can hear something more with ‘Love Song’. There’s a briskness, a pace, one that shares a tone with hip-hop and R&B. This pumping and engulfing percussion. If you had my two cents (and you’re getting them), MNERVA is about to break through into the mainstream. Get a few more tracks under their belt and it's off to the heavyweights. It's all there, the class the power the ear, there’s nothing missing but time.

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