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Moa Bones Shines Brightly With 'Monster,' A High-Octane Sonic Journey

Moa Bones make the kind of music that you whack on in your car full blast on a road trip. Its music that gets the blood pumping, brings out the smiles and brings on the good times and their latest single is no different. ‘Monster’ may sound like a heavy song but it is bright, tonal, and full of some splendid ideas. When the beat kicks in below it all, the track really starts to run. The bass rolls, the guitar and synth layers begin to add up, playing to each other's strengths and finding gaps in the melody to break away into splendid tangents. Once the walls are up the vocals begin to sing. They dip, they dive — they are a lively handful but they bring a spark to the song that sets it over the edge. It tumbles, falling. But then it sprouts wings and soars into the forever blue sky.

‘Monster’ is a song that you can attack from various angles. You can sit and listen to it all in one go, you can chuck it on in the background whilst you cook, pump the kitchen full of good vibes. But for me, this is a song that deserves spectacle. It's a song that scores the massive moments in life. With its killer chorus, sinister break and gargantuan finish, it’s simply epic. A wonderful showcase of indie talent from Moa Bones, the soon-to-be global rock stars. Watch out the Killers, there are new kids on the block, and they’re gonna beat it!



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