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Motihari Brigade Delivers Sunny Reflection of Today's World with 'Reality Show'

Sometimes you need a break from the world and its constant barrage of information. You need to find a safe place to let loose, laugh a little. A place where you can run free. Well, Motihari Brigade have built such a place and you have a ticket in the form of their single, ‘Reality Show.’ It’s a track that shines brighter than the sun and casts no shadows. The beat is infectious and brings on that happy summer feeling while the lyrics focus on the deeper things, the reason we are looking for escapism in the first place and the ways we see the world. The result is a track that is catchy, profound, innocent and sinister all at once. Once you peel back the curtain, there are many, many layers to uncover.

The instrumental is perfect. The beat clacks and the guitars chug along behind. The bass livens the soul of the track up as the vocal and its accompanying harmonies move like water through the changes and beats. As well as all that there is a sweltering brass section that adds so much depth and character to the sound. ‘Reality Show’ is a wake-up call in many ways. It’s a brilliant way to start your day off right, upbeat and full of sun. It is also a much-needed reflection of today. Motihari Brigade have nailed it with this one. Absolutely moving.



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