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Spinning New Waves: How Moving Van's 'Ouroboros' Is Redefining the Soca-Rock Soundscape

Moving Van's Latest Hit 'Ouroboros': Revolutionising the Soca-Rock Genre

In the ever-evolving landscape of music, there can be times where I long to hear something rejuvinating, something with oomph and sass. "Ouroboros" by Moving Van is precisely that—a fresh soca-rock fusion that spins a kaleidoscope of rhythms into a jubilant celebration.

This California-based quintet, comprising Miranda Shakes on vocals, Liam McKay on drums, Ian Carlton on piano, Lars Aquinonez on bass, and Josh Clouse on guitar, has concocted a musical elixir that’s both intoxicating and enlightening.

Hailing from various parts of the Bay Area, each member brings a distinct flavour to the table. Their eclectic influences range from Stevie Wonder’s soulful depth to Amy Winehouse’s raw emotion, sprinkled with the rhythmic genius of The Meters and Yussef Dayes.

In "Ouroboros" the band channels the lively spirit of Pete Rodriguez's "I Like It Like That," transforming it into a contemporary masterpiece. The track itself is a narrative of cyclical relationships, symbolised by the ancient icon of the serpent eating its tail. It’s a dance through the ups and downs of love, mirroring the cyclicality of life itself. The song's structure and lyrical content, crafted during a spontaneous session at School of Rock, exhibit a raw, unfiltered quality that's both rare and refreshing.

Recorded at Cry Love Studios with the expertise of John Baker and Liam McKay, and finessed by Dalton Ricks and Gary Hobish, the production quality of "Ouroboros" speaks volumes. It’s a testament to the band’s dedication to their craft, ensuring every beat and note is infused with passion and precision.

Moving Van's journey from impromptu jam sessions at Lars's family home to nearly selling out venues like Brick and Mortar is a story of determination and artistic evolution. Their performance at the Juneteenth Festival and Salmon Days, coupled with Miranda’s recent move to Seattle to helm the School of Rock, paints a picture of a band that's constantly on the move, both literally and musically.

Through "Ouroboros" the group has created a vibrant and euphoric, genre-bending anthem that welcomes listeners to embrace the cyclical nature of life, love, and music.

This is their invitation to the world to join in their dance of perpetual renewal and rhythmic ecstasy. So, dear readers, let’s not just listen to "Ouroboros"; let’s live it, breathe it, and spin with it in the endless dance of life. Latin rock at its finest! It will sure cause a stir!

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