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MUMBO - Sky Is Blue

When pink clouds roll in over orange grass and you are sat beneath the fronds of a purple palm, take comfort in the soft sounds and the psychedelic textures of mUmbo and their single, ‘Sky Is Blue.’ The music morphs the world. Sends it spinning into a realm of shifted colours where only the atmosphere is out of reach. The beat is echoey, full of sharp sibilance and rises and falls with the vocal. It shimmers over the guitar and bass flavours that cut through the white noise, seeping their neon inks into the static.

‘Sky Is Blue’ holds your hand through the strange trip. At first, it is daunting, then playful, then comforting. The vocal is along for the ride with you, a friend in the mist with whom you can muse on the fabulous harmonies, cooing melodies and textures that know no equal. ‘Sky Is Blue’ from mUmbo is a standout track. Shoe gaze rock meets lo-fi vibes for a sound that sits in between with a shocking power all its own.


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