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The Resurgence of 'My Life Story': A New Chapter in Britpop

My Life Story's frontman, Jake Shillingford
My Life Story's frontman, Jake Shillingford
An Epic Journey: The Milestones of My Life Story, What Lies Ahead: New Album and 2024 Tour

After more than two years off the stage, Britpop pioneers My Life Story, led by charismatic frontman Jake Shillingford, are making a grand comeback. With a new single, an upcoming UK tour, and a much-anticipated album in the pipeline, the band is poised to reclaim its position at the forefront of Britain's musical scene.

Decoding "I'm a God": A Lyrical Exploration

Their latest single, "I'm a God," is more than just a catchy tune; it’s a critical examination of society's fascination with deification. Jake Shillingford explained, "I wanted to highlight how the media lazily awards everyone and everything divine status." Far from an exercise in self-aggrandizement, the song juxtaposes true deities with the often undeserving idols that populate our cultural landscape.

Behind the Sound: Production Genius with Ben Hillier

To bring their vision to life, My Life Story collaborated with Ben Hillier, known for his work with iconic acts like Depeche Mode and Blur. The result is a sonic experience that both challenges and excites, promising a new era for the band as they prepare for their fifth studio album release next year.

From Mornington Crescent to World Citizen: The MLS Discography

Since their formation in Southend in 1984, My Life Story has had a storied career marked by innovation. Their debut album, 'Mornington Crescent,' recorded by Giles Martin, set the stage for subsequent hits like 'The Golden Mile.' After taking a break from recording and touring in the early 2000s, their fan-funded album 'World Citizen' was released in 2019 to critical acclaim. This track record bodes well for their new music endeavors.

The MLS Live Experience: Then and Now

Known for their passionate, sometimes chaotic live performances, My Life Story's shows have always been a spectacle. From their orchestral ensembles to their recent alt-rock lineups, each iteration of the band has been unique yet consistently electrifying. Fans can look forward to experiencing this energy firsthand during their upcoming shows at the prestigious 100 Club in London.

'My Life Story' Logo
'My Life Story' Logo

An Epic Journey: The Milestones of My Life Story

The band’s journey has been anything but ordinary, featuring collaborations with legends like Morrissey and The Pogues. Having played on some of the most iconic stages including the Glastonbury Pyramid stage and Reading Festival, My Life Story's influence on the Britpop scene is undeniable.

What Lies Ahead: New Album and 2024 Tour

The upcoming fifth studio album, featuring singles like 'Numb Numb Numb' and 'Tits & Attitude,' signals the band’s unwavering commitment to pushing the musical envelope. The album, scheduled to be released next year on Exilophone Records, promises a blend of new tracks and familiar MLS magic. Add to that a 2024 UK tour, including two shows at the 100 Club, and you've got a recipe for an unforgettable year in music.

As Jake Shillingford sums it up: “It's a classic MLS listing song similar to '12 Reasons Why I Love Her.' By juxtaposing a real god next to a false idol, it creates a collage of lyrical contrasts.” If the new single is anything to go by, fans and newcomers alike are in for a treat. Make sure to stay updated on Instagram for the latest insights into what promises to be a landmark year for My Life Story.


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