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N4NOVEMBER - A World Of So Much Hate - EP REVIEW


A World Of So Much Hate

Sydney, Australia

N4NOVEMBER are an alt-rock/emo rock/pop rock group from Sydney Australia who has appeared in our Top 10 finds in the past. There's always something very special to be found in their music but their latest EP has touched me deeply. Their six-track project entitled 'A World Of So Much Hate' embeds a universe of pain, growth and examination within its lyrics - something that I always find both haunting and comforting but most importantly, real.

The six songs were written by the band's lead guitarist, singer and songwriter Alex who has stated that the project "consists of songs I wrote when I was 16 about fictional love and heartbreak. Stories I wrote at 18 of struggling to live this reality. And letters i wrote at 21 of saying goodbye to loved ones."

There are many things that I love about this release but first I must start with the artwork. Each song has its own image that highlights the journey and branding of the band. This brings the audience in close proximity without even hearing the music - a great start!

Track 1 'Dear Friend' is a reflective song - a confessional outlet for feelings of being ignored but the longing to be caught during a fall. The song is a strong opening piece that perfectly maintains the balance between emo rock and pop to appeal to a variety of listeners. The mix of staccato guitar plucks with synths and strums create both a dreamy vibe but also one that is full of grit and angst. The vocals are mixed perfectly to fill the space of the song without overpowering it. The song appears to say goodbye to loved ones, wanting the receiver to stay and not leave.

Track 2 'Constant Reminder' leans into a synth-rock production through the use of elongated string synthesisers in its beginnings. As the song enters its first minute the tone lifts into almost a heavy metal realm that is full of heavy guitar strums. These somehow remain somewhat calm when balanced out with the emo-pop rock vocal performance of lead singer Alex. There seems to be a common theme in the first two tracks - don't leave me.

Track 3 'Movies' slows things down a little by entering the world of ballad-style songwriting. Thing acoustic keys and poetic vocals - This song shows the

vulnerable side of Alex and the band in a way that strips down the anger and the pain and expresses emotions through pure simplicity. The lyrics are romantic but don't be fooled - there's a twist. The romance here is a distorted perception of reality - the dream that we all have of a love that is flawless, gorgeous and everlasting. The reality is very different - checking phones, lack of trust and the acknowledgement that maybe just maybe this time we for it wrong (at least through this song anyway). I was really impressed by the way that this song transitioned to show another side to the band, one that is extremely versatile.

Track 4 'Half of Mine' sweeps listeners back into the pop synth rock genre but with a slower feel when compared to the opening two songs. A contemplation, a showcase of gratitude and an acknowledgement of memories intertwine at the root of the lyricism. This is an emo pop track that will win the hearts of many whilst appealing to their vulnerable side. Either way, it's a banger! N4NOVEMBER are certainly a band that has a really bright future ahead of them

Track 5 'Mistakes and Heartbreak' leads us into the penultimate piece of this EP. This song has lifts listeners into what feels like a cross between a sailor chant and the artistry of Bastille. This is a really beautiful opening to the song and a beautiful pre conclusion to the overall project. 'Mistakes and Heartbreak' rides on a cinematic drum progression hich makes all of the difference to the feel of the lyrics that talk of broken hearts and the feelings that are associated wth not feeling good enough. -Another one of my favorites from this project!

Track 6 'A World Full of So Much Hate' marks both the title track and the ending of this project. The key theme here is existential dred. The song sees Alex confess his demons, being trapped in his mind but also within a world that is full of so much hate. Is the world the external one or the inner one? I think both. This is a song that I will listen to time and time again for its creative efforts and the confessionalism. Leaving listeners thinking, this track makes the perfect ending to a well executed EP. I hope to hear more from N4NOVEMBER very soon!

Make sure that you check them out by hitting the link below, you won't regret it!

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