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Neo-Pop Artist, The Sweet Darkness, Releases New Spiritual Single 'What If (A Dream Of Reality)'

'What If (A Dream Of Reality)' Single Cover Art - A Piano With Golden Light Seeping Through The Cracks.

‘What If (A Dream Of Reality)’ is a sullen and soft single from Neo-pop artist, The Sweet Darkness.

The piano hits you first. Discordant and slow, the chords bleat in the back, calling out for a melody to send them along. The bass answers the call. It growls, it too knows what it is to dream of something that will never come. Each instrument drops in line by line, layer by layer, adding to a wave of around that comes crashing down when the vocals command it. They sit atop it all, proud and clear, singing into the ether like they are chanting a prayer. It is spiritual, this image and the feeling it provokes within you. The song deals with deeper thoughts, desires and their impossibility. To dream of our reality.

The Sweet Darkness brings a grungy vibe to pop, not in texture or attitude but in tone. It's about the emotion, nothing else surpasses that. ‘What If (A Dream Of Reality)’ seeps into the cracks in your heart like molten gold and settles there, glistening.



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