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Black Magic Spell

Los Angeles, United States

#KELLYPHOENIX released #BlackMagicSpell a little over 3 weeks ago and what a vibe it is! There's a clear mix of genres from dark pop to funk and indie rock that are mixed together in such an intriguing way. One thing that I love about this piece is how free it is, the flow of the track is completely unique to this artist which is something I always love to hear! The dark lyrics offers something gothic to the song without stepping into the depressive. The way that this track maintains funky bass and lead guitar has a real feel of the late genius #Prince about it. You'll be fully enticed by this one so make sure you click the link above and have a little listen!




What inspired your creative process for 'Black Magic Spell'?

The song came to me quite naturally. I was going through a difficult healing period after a rough break up with someone that I did love but who I realized had no rules or loyalty whatsoever and didn’t love me for who I am. I knew I wanted a funky rnb and dance type of song with dark imagery. I started having 80s influences flowing as well as gothic or horror imageries. I had a guitarist lay down the guitar parts I was humming to and then I added bass, a drum loop, some strings and choir sounds and out of it came a structure rather fast. I remember being up late the following night and all the words just jumped at me. It literally wrote itself. It was magical.

What message do you hope shines through from 'Black Magic Spell?'

That it is important to preserve your peace and spiritual integrity. Don’t let anyone corrupt you to not become who you are meant to be. Follow your instincts, certain people aren’t there to make sure you succeed or that you reach your full potential. Energy vampires do exist, and you have to cut anyone out of your life that doesn’t support you or your dreams.

How long did it take you to create the track from the initial idea and the completed release?

It took me a long time… there are 5 versions of that song… I wanted the emotion of the track to be as strong as possible so it turned into many sleepless nights trying to get it right. I’m proud of where it sits now but I might release a shorter version and some remixes down the line.

What do you have in store for the rest of 2022?

Oh boy! Many things! I have another show at Bar Sinister on August 13th. Then my third single “End of The Road” around that time as well. I’m working on wrapping up my first album “Resurrection” by end of summer. I also have many other projects that I can’t wait to release as well, some more Rnb influenced material. You ain’t seen nothing yet.



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