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OCCURRENCE - Universe Moves So Fast


Universe Moves So Fast

New York, United States

Credit - Cameron Scoggins

'Universe Moves So Fast’ is an eclectic synthetic single from artist, occurrence, that you don’t want to miss. The world spins around you, great swaths of colour hit your eyes, sending your retinas spiralling out of control. The beat is there, behind you, in front of you. All around the clickings and tappings of the world clutter your space. When it is all too much, they vanish. Into the ether they go. A vocal soars out, high and long it carves a melody into the stardust that you can follow to freedom, but in doing so you fall in love with the place and its musical oddities. By the end of the song, you are raptured. You never leave, you become one with the Universe.

occurrence is playing with sounds and melodies that exist nowhere else. ‘Universe Moves So Fast’ really does sound like music from the future. It's synthetic, experimental and houses a lot of soul. If you love music that takes you away to new and wonderful worlds, give ‘Universe Moves So Fast’ a listen. You won’t be disappointed.


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