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Murwillumbah NSW, Australia

Credit - Jay Penfold Photography

‘Hollow’ is a crunchy-cool rock single from Ollie Twohill. With sounds from the 00s rock scene but with modern rock/pop tendencies it's a delight from start to finish. The song centres itself around harmonic guitar, a running and complex melody and Ollie Twohill’s vocals, the style of which matches the vibe perfectly. They hit those classic harmonies and they do it so well, it comes out smooth and it picks up to a clean shout in the chorus that I miss in the mainstream rock scene. If you need more from those 00s greats, look no further than Ollie Twohill’s ‘Hollow’. It’s a classic in the making.

The song begins with the vocals, drums and acoustic guitar pattering along a staccato beat that is minimal and catchy as all heck. It rolls back and forth with just a hint of swing which keeps the song alive and breathing. The bass plucks at the chords, playing its own accompanying melody all the way into that massive chorus. It's loud, it's warm and it's full of attitude. The song slows for a breathy bridge that cuts the cud and lets the good times breathe before hitting us full pelt with the goods one last time.

Sum ‘Hollow’, by Ollie Twohill, up in three words? Easy: Rock done right. - FREDDIE MCKEE


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