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Ollie Twohill's "Stifled" – A Poignant Exploration of Mental Health Through Music

 Ollie Twohill
Ollie Twohill

"Stifled" - Ollie Twohill's Heartfelt Anthem for Hope and Understanding

Taking ideas and creating a hit is something that usually requires a handful of minds. The latest release from Ollie Twohill is no different. Recorded on the Gold Coast with the talented siblings Blair (Drums) and Lawson (Bass) Hamilton, and produced by Dylan J Smith, Ollie Twohill showcases his ability to channel his emotions into powerful music.

This Australian musician stands out with his unique approach to music. In the studio, he may have a handful of musicians but performing live as a one-man band, he skillfully combines vocals, guitar, a stomp box, and high-hat cymbal to create a full-bodied sound. His left-handed guitar playing adds to his distinctiveness in the music world.

 Ollie Twohill, an Australian one-man band
Ollie Twohill, an Australian one-man band

Ollie Twohill's latest release, "Stifled" marks a deeply personal track for Twohill, reflecting his struggles with mental health and the importance of reaching out for help.

Twohill's sound is influenced by a range of artists, from the pop-punk energy of Blink 182 and Green Day to the rock stylings of Foo Fighters and the melodious touch of John Mayer. These varied influences come together to create his unique musical style.

Through "Stifled," Twohill emphasizes the importance of discussing mental health openly and checking in on loved ones. The song is a reminder that speaking out can be life-saving, and it's dedicated to those who have lost someone to mental health struggles.

As Twohill continues to evolve as an artist, he plans to expand his live setup with a rhythm section by mid-2024. His journey from street busker to a recognized musician is inspiring, and his commitment to producing meaningful music is evident in each of his releases.

So, why not spin it and see what you make of it? If you're looking for smooth guitar riffs and a progressive pop-rock sound then Ollie Twohill should be your new go-to!

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