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After performing and recording in the UK, Europe, and the US with industry-leading artists, the multi-talented musician Palumbo has returned to Australia with an exciting new album, "Tales from the Big Smoke."

Palumbo, who spent more than a decade in the global music industry with numerous accomplishments, has released an 11-track album that beautifully encapsulates his experiences. "Tales From the Big Smoke" is a sonic representation of his time as an Aussie expat in London, living and thriving amidst trials and tribulations, pre, and during the pandemic.

The album's genre seamlessly blends rock with elements of jazz and funk, influenced by classic artists. Each track draws from Palumbo's personal experiences and observations as a working musician in the city, from consistently gigging as a band leader between 2011 and 2019, to touring internationally as a respected session player.

Some songs reflect encounters with the music industry's less scrupulous characters, as hinted in the popular second single "Winner Grinners," released on March 11th, 2022, in Berlin. Others, like the acclaimed first single "Sweetie Song," released in London on August 20th, 2021, are tender tributes to his loved ones.

"Tales From the Big Smoke" was produced by Palumbo and Simon Willey (known for his work with Bryan Ferry, The Great Gatsby) in Area 18 Studio, West London, and Ashley Manor Studio, Bath. Recorded just before and remotely during the UK lockdowns, the album showcases Simon's sound, synth and omnichord skills complementing Palumbo's intricate guitar work and expansive harmony, adding a new depth to the arrangements.

BBC London has described Palumbo as a "musical powerhouse." His work has seen consistent global radio play and earned various accolades over the years. Since his return to Australia, Palumbo has been active in the Blue Mountains music scene, with regular gigs and numerous radio profiles highlighting his work.

The album was launched along with the release of the third single "This House," a funky tune telling its own unique story. The track was globally available from July 28, 2023. The launch show took place at The Borland Lounge – The Joan, in Penrith, NSW, on July 29th.

Throughout his career, Palumbo has crossed paths with some of the great artists of the 20th Century, to whom he pays tribute through his music. With his passionate interpretation and unique style within contemporary rock, this dedicated artist aims to captivate audiences around the world.

Listen to "Tales From the Big Smoke" and immerse yourself in Palumbo's fascinating world of sound. For more information about Palumbo and his music, visit:



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