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Parallel Harmonic's 'Thunderstorm' - A Musical Odyssey of Epic Proportions

Parallel Harmomic "Thunderstorm" Cover Art
Parallel Harmomic "Thunderstorm" Cover Art

Experience the Power of Legend with 'Thunderstorm': A Track That Transforms Heavy Rock into an Electrifying Instrumental Saga

Colossal mountains come into view on the horizon. Above them, vast clouds, tumbling up to distant stars. They cry out through strikes of lightning, they strike the mountain peaks and send down avalanches of stone. The deep bassy crunch of the rock reaches your ears with a roar as you look out upon this natural spectacle. Then, to frame this beastly beauty, a guitar begins to chug. Massive chords ring out from around you setting this phenomenon to a beat, colouring it with story and theme. The world takes on a legendary quality, for now you feel you stand on the precipice of a new age, waiting for the ‘Thunderstorm’ to strike you to oblivion.

Parallel Harmonic’s ‘Thunderstorm’ is an epic instrumental track that revolves around a core of heavy rock. The guitars are the gatekeepers to tone in this single. They flow through the motions of the track and the rest of the song follows. The beat below them, keeping them high in the dangerous sky. The bass follows at their flanks, tipping the chords they play into ever greater magnitudes. The melody builds around them, adding layers of song. There comes choir-like backing, there comes fizzing tones like electricity itself, then there comes the climax.

‘Thunderstorm’ is a feeling — a setting. This is a song that you place yourself in and every time you do so, you’re up to something epic. You’re haranguing a giant, calling off its advances. You’re dodging the fiery breath of a dragon’s roar. You’re playing in front of a crowd, twenty thousand strong. Parallel Harmonic are not interested in the benign, the usual, the tame. They write music that makes your hair stand on end, makes your heart pump harder and calls your legs into action. If you want to feel the greatness of legend, then the scale and power of ‘Thunderstorm’ is a fantastic way to do so. Mighty.

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