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'PASSION' – JASMINE IS Delivers a Rhythmically Fiery Single Laden with Worldly Melodies

JASMINE IS has delivered a single powered by worldly sounds and rhythms that will capture your soul with its funk and its melody. ‘PASSION’ does it all. The rhythm starts in the bass. It rolls to a sprint and keeps up the momentum. The drums bump and clash and without a moment to lose your head is bopping and swaying to the infectious beat. But it doesn't stop there. Layer upon layer of fantastic sounds begin to fall in on top of one another. It’s a fiery combination: fervour, pace, beat and flavour. All of which come together to deliver the aptly named, ‘PASSION.’

Once the rhythm is coursing through the track you get a feel for the groove of the single. How each and every aspect of the song falls in line with its neighbour. It’s harmonious — and then you have the vocal to contend with. It dips and dives, finding gaps in the medley and filling them with tone and even more melodic gems. The chorus shines through the vocal, the centre point of the fantastic harmony.

‘PASSION’ is powered by the soul; the soul of the instrumental and its togetherness and the soul of the vocal — so freeing and open. JASMINE IS has nailed it. This single will stick with you for months if not years. Tantalising from the very first beat.



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