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Updated: Nov 26, 2022


Dandelion Wine

Parkersburg WV, United States

Patrick Lawrence is an artist from the United States who is currently signed to 9 Lives Records. Specialising in Bluegrass and outlaw country Lawrence has worked hard on his craft to date featuring on the radio as well as several TV and news appearances.

The latest release from Lawrence entitled 'Dandelion Wine' takes influence from the likes of Buck Owens, Dwight Yoakam and BR549 to create the unique artistry that comes with Patrick Lawrence.

'Dandelion Wine' is one of those songs that just makes you happy. It will uplift the mood of any listeners due to its upbeat and speedy country twang - think ukulele plucks, melodic accordion and rhythmic drumming throughout with a real slick vocal performance and you have envisioned Patrick Lawrence's 'Dandelion Wine'. Line dancing anybody? Well, here's the track that will suit your mood perfectly so sit back and enjoy or get up and dance - you choose!

If I was to give this artist any advice it would be to make sure that he releases more music and fast! I'm looking forward to hearing more from Patrick Lawrence in the near future. - TAMARA JENNA

I'd give this track a 10/10 hands down.


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