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Pete Coppard's "Dancing On My Own": A Pop Ode to Life After Love

From Drums to Love Ballads: Coppard's Musical Journey

Pete Coppard has long been a musical chameleon, drawing inspiration from a diverse range of artists such as Level 42, Aimee Mann, and The Beatles. With 14 years of professional experience under his belt, including time in tribute acts like DefinitelyMightBe, Coppard has honed his craft remarkably well. His latest single, "Dancing On My Own," serves as an upbeat, earworm-inducing testament to resilience in the face of heartbreak.

From Drums to Love Ballads: Coppard's Musical Journey

Coppard got his start in music at the age of 11 as a drummer, and he's been composing earnestly since 2006. This self-produced single shows not just his growth as an artist but also his aptitude in music production, recorded entirely in his home studio.

Influences Behind the Sound

Drawing from a medley of influences including The Police and Kate Bush, "Dancing On My Own" encapsulates a melodic catchiness that stays with you long after the song has ended. The single carries the essential DNA of pop, but it's tinged with the introspection you'd expect from an artist influenced by Aimee Mann.


The Story Behind "Dancing On My Own"

The song came about spontaneously, inspired by a simple jam session at home. According to Coppard, it's a "simple ballad of unrequited love," and it may very well be rooted in personal experience. The single cover even has a unique backstory; it was taken by a hospital porter as Coppard was leaving work.

Notable Events and Appearances

Although Coppard has played extensively with tribute acts, his solo work is where his artistic sensibilities truly shine. While he hasn't yet graced TV screens or radio waves as a solo artist, given the captivating allure of this single, those milestones appear to be just around the corner.

A Quote to Remember

"And now I know I must move on," Coppard reflects, capturing both the essence of the song and his approach to life and art. It’s a line that promises not only the musical journey contained in "Dancing On My Own" but also teases what's to come from this multifaceted artist.


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