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From Southern Sweden to Global Consciousness: Philly Machete's Musical Journey


Philly Machete: Navigating the Gritty Labyrinths of Existence with "PARADISE"

In the calm serenity of southern Sweden, an unexpected storm is brewing—a storm named Philly Machete. This multi-talented artist embodies a unique concoction of styles, emotions, and themes in his latest single, "PARADISE," an audacious entry into his forthcoming album, "WALKING GHOST PHASE."

A One-Man Musical Phenomenon

Hailing from Växjö, Philly Machete wears many hats—he's the producer, vocalist, and the artist behind the compelling visuals. The story began in 2019 when Philly and his friend reignited their passion for music, leading to the birth of this intriguing project.

Eclectic Influences

The artist's rich sonic palette is informed by an array of icons—Daft Punk's electronic transcendence, Kanye West's genre-defying artistry, Tyler, The Creator's audacious creativity, Nas's poetic brilliance, MF DOOM's mysterious allure, and JPEGMAFIA's experimental flair. These influences are evident but never derivative, contributing to Philly Machete's unmistakably unique sound.

A Glimpse into the Abyss: "PARADISE"

Crafted in the artist's bedroom with a budget mic and mixed by a close friend, "PARADISE" reveals a chilling, dystopian perspective on climate change and the potential fading of our species. It’s an urgent call hidden within the grooves of its raw production. If this single is an initial foray into the theme of death and legacy, then listeners are undoubtedly in for a mind-bending auditory journey when the full album drops.

Keeping it Authentic and Relaxed

While some artists may boast high-end studios, Philly Machete's down-to-earth approach brings its own charm. Recording in his basement and sometimes even in his underwear, the artist ensures that the creation process remains as genuine as possible. This relaxed vibe, however, doesn't compromise the gravitas of the music.

Where Local Meets Global

Though he has played only a handful of small shows and at a local event called "Local Heros," Philly Machete's music has the potential to resonate on a global scale. His compositions dive deep into universal fears and critiques, transforming the personal into the communal.


Quotes to Remember

"My ears are itchy," says Philly Machete, a cryptic yet intriguing statement. Whether this is an invitation to tune into his new sonic realm or an enigmatic quip, it encapsulates the artist's elusive essence.

The Undeniable Allure of Philly Machete

A self-proclaimed anomaly in the Swedish music scene, Philly Machete manages to blend the grandiosity of life's biggest questions with the intimacy of personal musings, all while keeping the listener engaged. As we wait in eager anticipation for the full album, "PARADISE" serves as both a grim reminder of the world's deteriorating state and a testament to the transcendent power of art.

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