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PIHKA IS MY NAME - Reaching for The Out of Range

Credit - Tomi Palsa

Pihka Is My Name is coming at us with a new dark synth single, ‘Reaching for The Out of Range.’ The power, the heat and the darkness in this single are fantastic. They rip apart the synthetic norm and come to a halt at the barrier of house. Never stepping over, but coming close.

The beat is rich, it climbs early on and keeps things steady. The synth in the back is glowing red hot. It spies a gap and takes it, shifting this way, stretching that way. Becoming whatever shape it needs to be. The song wraps around the vocals as they shoot into the song. Two layers, two sounds, two angles of melody. When the chorus hits it does so with a bassy thud, sending waves across the soundscape and rippling up your spine. The sound is massive, and it is here to stay.

Pihka Is My Name has managed to merge dark synth with a funkier house feel, making ‘Reaching for The Out of Range’ one heck of a dance track.



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