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Oh Honey

North Vancouver, Canada

Credit - Jack Madeley

Chill rock pop and indie vibes emanate from the wilderness in pipercole’s ‘Oh Honey’. A single that expresses hope, grief, love and attention to the little things. It's a spacey organic ride, the soundstage is tight and intimate. It fits the vibe, that consolation of tone. It's like the world forgot its heart, and pipercole knows the secret to find it, but instead of shout, she whispers it. The song draws from folk in its tone and texture but lies on the shoe gaze/indie scene for its atmosphere lyrics, vocals and percussion. Together they form a pipercole blend of humanity, echoes and sublime guitar fuelled sibilance.

‘Oh Honey’ begins softly, it walks barefoot in the fields, catching long grass in its hands and smelling the air, it’s fresh, vibrant, calm. The guitar works hard in subtle ways, a frill here, a light chord torn apart there. It adds volumes of flavour to an already delicious song. The vocals are high, and tonal and follow the melody like a wisp caught in the wind. Add the bass and percussion to the lineup and you arrive at the complete and undiluted delight of life that is portrayed in hyper-colour by pipercole. An experience from start to finish and a worldly look into the future and past of societal sounds, illuminating.


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