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POLSKY - Song for the Silver Surfer


Song for the Silver Surfer

London, United Kingdom

PolSky are bringing heartfelt lyrics mixed with brash and bold melodies into the indie scene. Their latest single, ‘Song For The Silver Surfer,’ is a fantastically uplifting track, powered by honest vocals and a soaring instrumental. The song begins calm, like soft lapping waters. Then the vocals slide in, singing in a confident and enticing way. You are drawn in closer, further, faster. The percussion kicks in, the backing swells into a diving harmony and you are thrust headlong into a chorus that will stick with you for days if not weeks. ‘Song For The Silver Surfer’ is a bright, gleaming indie track full of heart and passion. The message: live like you mean it, even when there’s not long left. Life is for enjoying.

Indie has another star in the sky with PolSky. Their sound is human, soul strengthening and rhythmic. Once the whole band sets in to play their hearts out and that chorus chimes, there’s no going back to a night sky without them.



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