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High and Low

Los Angeles, United States

Prima Apollinaare has unleashed a beast of a sound in her latest single, ‘High And Low.’ It's a pop track that draws on synth tones to create a hearty, full-bodied, texture. It rushes at you from the very start. This syncopated snake of sound. The percussion tries to hold it back but it's no good. Its splashes and kicks are rhythmic but they’re not enough, they need help. Then the vocal drops in. It's huge, high, and spans the entire soundscape. It swallows the synth, chews on the beat, and spits out a song that you will remember for years. It's catchy, the chorus is expansive like a sandstorm. The pop spirit flows through the track, a driving force that pushes the melody on and on into greatness.

‘High And Low’ hit me like a number 1 pop track. You can try to ignore it, to skip it. But its melodies hang around in the back of your head like a good idea. Great pop is unmissable. Prima Apollinaare is unmissable.


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