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Restless Mosaic present an experimental puzzle in the form of their latest album



Restless Mosaic

Seattle, United States


Credit - Restless Mosaic





#ALaCaraAmarilla is the opening track to this 9 track album by #RestlessMosaic. Offering intriguing uneasy cinematic basslines and choppy melodic electronic synths showcases the sound of this group in a way that is enticing to the listener. The vocals are soft and sung in Spanish to tell a story of her love for a Minesweeper.

#SandbagsontheFloodofMyInsecurities is another cinematic piece. Beginning with distortion and feedback sounds we eagerly await the progression of the track. The progression does not disappoint. The bell synths offer a melody that is both happy and eerie all in the same notes. I feel that there is a real story to be told here even if the track is absent of words. I like the way that the backing synths offer a resting place for the main melodic elements to sit upon. Definitely loved this piece.

#Polliwog1&678 intrigued me with the nature sounds that lurked beneath its surface. As the track builds we hear a distant drum kick that provides the basis of the drums. Twangy uneasy middle eastern strings offer a twist here. As the track begins the move on we hear a lot of electronic synths that combine to make a really interesting yet uneasy sound in part.

#Gedenkwald opens in a slightly different way with a bass solo at the front during the opening bars. Moving into the track we hear a door bell synth that is joined with aboriginal sounds. This is an experimental naturistic yet futuristic piece. I like it.

#FlawedSoteriology has a feel of EDM, Hip Hop and classical in its production. There are some beautiful classical keys being played here that are accompanied by heavy distorted basslines and a Hip-Hop drum layer to provide the listener with something very very very different that seems to work!

#MulticamBehavioralHealth takes the artists' experimentalism to another level. Again, funk is found in the bassline but the uneasiness of the vocals to the melodic elements make this track different as they don't necessarily fit together in a commercial way. This offered something which has deep roots in experimentalism.

#Alonefor10Minutes opens with reverbed bangs to imitate some type of enclosure. I envisioned a dark staircase enclosed in metal. I don't know why but that was what came to mind. This soon stops to allow for a complete change in the composition. We then hear what sounds like church organs full of reverb - possibly to imitate confession? time alone with your thoughts? This is a track that really got me contemplating the story behind it.

#VofMood sounds like a dream and a nightmare morphed into one. Maybe it's a dream inside a nightmare? or a nightmare inside of a dream? little twinkle sounds offer something to daydream along to but the distortion of the bass takes us into a darker realm. Listening to this track made it very difficult to know where to place the emotions that it had brought out of me. I like that! Anything that makes me question or think is always great!

#Shadwan takes us back into the naturistic feel found earlier in the project. I love the contrast that this offers. An acoustic guitar pluck synth gives us a melody to rely on whilst the futuristic and mindful layers bring relaxing frequencies to our minds. As the bass elements join in to the mix we hear what sounds like the heartbeat of the track.

This album is definitely one for thinkers, people who think outside of the box will appreciate this project for sure!


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Restless Mosaic
Restless Mosaic
Dec 29, 2022

Hi! I read this review awhile back but came back to it so I could print it for my files. So I figured I'd answer some of your excellent questions while I was here!

- At the end of "Multicam Behavioral Health," Kristin requests to be alone for 10 minutes. "Alone for 10 Minutes" is the sound of that being alone. Aside from two instruments, everything you hear in "Alone for 10 Minutes" was also an instrument in "Multicam Behavioral Health," and the three time signatures (10/4, 15/4, and [7+5]/4) follow the same sequence. There are a lot of musical quotes of various phrasings and things like that too. So it's meant to be the sound of an overwhelmed hypnago…

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