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Revitalising Roots: Garland Kelley's 'The Higher Road' Breathes Fresh Air into Folk and Country

‘The Higher Road’ from Garland Kelley is an honest look into folk and country norms with a contemporary point of view. The guitars splash from the very start. They take point and set down the base colours. Greens and yellows move to orange. Summer into spring into autumn. The light dances through the shade of the leaves as the vocals begin to step, sway, and saunter their way into the core of the track. The melody begins, it is enthralling. It builds in a slow and steady climb to the chorus where the whole world explodes with colour. A brilliant climax, but it’s not over yet.

Garland Kelley is pushing country and folk in a new direction. There is a quality to the music that is somehow changed, somehow clear. The foggy smoke of country feels heavy compared to the fresh breeze of Garland Kelley. ‘The Higher Road’ is a song that takes its own path, leads its own life and weaves its own melodies. It is magical and visceral — a musical achievement.



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