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Ripsime's 'Benevolent Prince' Pushes Boundaries in Worldly Pop

Credit - Avangia Zhora

Ripsime’s ‘Benevolent Prince’ explores the textures of worldly pop like no other song I have ever heard. Its rhythmic and melodic roots are settled in that indie London Sound. The pace, the attitude, and the fire in the belly of the track. It beats with a thrum, it titillates the mind and pushes for more at every turn. Then the beat drops. The chorus overhauls the sound and synthetic nets of percussion rush the MainStage. The vocal is trapped behind them, fighting to push past the huge power. The sound grows, spins, crashes. And then it dissipates, as if it was never there, a transcendent bridge, a moment of peace. Before the vocal finds us again and the song gets thrashing.

‘Benevolent Prince’ is a song that pushes boundaries, it was designed that way. It sparks the imagination and it pushes for excellence. In this instance, Ripsime has achieved that excellence and the world is all the better because of it.



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