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ROBBE - Bloody Mary


Bloody Mary

Helsinki, Finland

GaGa’s Bloody Mary has had a facelift. It's been nitro fulled and thrust into the hardstyle house scene by JOKA, Robbe & Syzzix. The outcome of such a mashup is ‘Bloody Mary’ like you’ve never heard it before. It’s not really a cover in the traditional sense, it's a transformation from the ground up. The lyrics and the lyrical melody remain, all else has been assimilated by the DJs and House Producers. They have taken their quarry and the price was infinite. The sound is huge, gritty and loud no matter what volume you play it at. The pace is faster, the bass is harder, the world is chrome-er and the beat gets it done.

‘Bloody Mary’ is a house track all its own. It's so far from the original that they’re not even distant ancestors and that’s a great thing. It means that JOKA, Robbe & Syzzix get their sound to the front of the stage where it belongs, and you can dance to their melodic genius at its purest.



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