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Robert Vendetta's 'Vacation': An Upbeat Retropop Getaway from Daily Grind

Robert Vendetta returns to the music scene with his brand new single, "Vacation" - a vibrant kickoff to his upcoming fourth album, "Vendetta Del Disco." This upbeat retropop gem, infused with lively piano undertones, promises to be a sure-fire crowd pleaser with its singalong choruses.

"Vacation" poses an intriguing question that resonates with all of us: "After months of hard work, where would you escape to on a much-needed vacation?" The track captures the essence of fun and liberation that a holiday embodies, offering listeners an escape from their daily grind.

Vendetta's knack for creating catchy, relatable music shines through in this track. It's an invitation to let loose, imagine your dream getaway, and join in the chorus. "Vacation" is not just a song, it's an experience - a musical journey that excites anticipation for Vendetta's forthcoming album. Don't miss out on this energetic, fun-filled anthem!



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