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Rock Revival: 'Eyes on the Moon' by PG Naylor –A Soulful Journey of 90s Blues Rock with Modern Twist

‘Eyes on the Moon’ is a fantastic bluesy single from the talented minds of PG Naylor. The song takes that 90s blues rock vibe and tacks on some newfound twists. Blasting melodies shoot from the verses, a clashing chuck of the guitar while the bass runs below. Drums egg on the vocals as they layer up, forming harmonies that span the entire track and keep your eyes wide into the chorus when the game really begins. Vocals punch up higher, the bass tackles low. In the mids, the drums and the guitars create a sonic medley worth its weight in gold. When it ends the riff falls into place with a fascinating fluidity. It’s classy, moving, and one heck of a good time.

PG Naylor know how to keep things moving. Never for a moment does their sound stagnate. The momentum is awesome, rivalled only by the blissful guitar tones and instrumental harmonies. Once you catch the blues bug, you’re in it for life. ‘Eyes on the Moon’ is forged in the same fires of the classic greats. Get lost in the velvet, be thrown by the volume and come up for air only when the riffs do. This is rock as it should be played, with passion, bleeding fingers and a smile.



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