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ROGUE JONES - 1,2,3 / Flachlwch Bach


1,2,3 / Flachlwch Bach

Cardiff, United Kingdom

Credit - Gareth Bull

The latest single from Rogue Jones, ‘1, 2, 3 / Flachlwch Bach,’ is a beautiful and uplifting folk/pop song that glows from the embers at the start, but by the end has turned into a roaring fire of sustained sound. The percussion in the back sets the tempo. It thrums in the dark at first and livens up as the song goes on, sending the brass horns flying into the ether. The vocal glides on synthetic pads and layered harmonies, rising above the flames, caught in the updraft, lost in the clouds that swirl above. In the end, the song finally breathes a breath of fatigue. It has done its work, now it is time to rest.

Rogue Jones have delivered a single that takes you on an expansive journey. It pulls you along, up hills, cresting mountains. Yet in the end, there’s always the peaceful walk home. ‘1, 2, 3 / Flachlwch Bach’ is a hallmark folk song that plays with melody and its relationship with tempo. The result is a sound unlike any other, and one you won’t want to miss.



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