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Romain Gutsy's 'Lany' is a Country-Folk Delight with a Doo-Wop Attitude

Take the bright fancy of folk and mix it with the lowball chug of country. Then, with that mix in mind, add some gravely vocals that make you swoon and a doo-wop attitude. Now, you have arrived at Romain Gutsy’s ‘Lany.’ A track that breaks the norm in every possible way.

The dark open makes the gloom pull in tight. Guitars and bass surround this growling vocal. It spins a tale, you are engrossed. The beat grabs your shoulders, they begin to move and you’re not sure why. Next, the beat picks up, the guitars start to catch a swing. Then the vocal shifts on its heels and the curtain is drawn back. Before you is a chorus full of light, clicking fingers and a melody that you will be stuck with for generations. Oh, Lany! the vocal sings to the country folk beat, and you can’t help but laugh with joy.

Romain Gutsy has delivered a show with ‘Lany,’ and it is a show you absolutely need front-row tickets for. Electrifying.



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