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Golden Hearts

Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States

Credit - Aaron Kowalski Photography

‘Golden Hearts’ by Roots Asylum is a heartfelt and honest single played in Blues and Americana rock that tickles the senses and pulls on emotions. Its jovial, the riff that sets us up from the very beginning is delightful in its whimsy, it seems to alight on the clouds and take in their charm as if they are not there every day. When the beat kicks in with the bass and vocals, the song glows like a saint and the lyrics illuminate themselves.

Blues is never-ending. It pours its soul into almost all of the music that we listen to in the modern age. Roots Asylum feels pure in that regard, they have leant into that influence and taken it upon themselves to refine it into great songs of passion and feeling such as, ‘Golden Hearts.’ This is not a simple rock track, it is so much more, the flavour is buried in the tones and complexities of the song as a whole. Charming.


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