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I Changed Today

Nashville, United States

Roxercat made quite the impression with their debut single 'Pearls' making it into our Top 10 videos not so long ago. The group are a progressive rock band that is fresh out of Nashville, Tennessee. The trio is led by singer Price Jones, guitarist Stan Lassiter, and bassist Bill Francis.

Roxercat are proving to be Ones2Watch! right now. Their newest release 'I Changed Today' leads perfectly from the traction of their debut song giving listeners a taste of good old indie rock. Keeping up with the demands of fans, they have released another official video too! So, make sure that you click the link below after reading this!

'I Changed Today' by Roxercat is a strong mixture of funk and indie rock. The way that the funky bass riff and lead guitar lift the whole piece is incredible, especially when contrasted with the classic indie rock bridge. This is certainly a unique production that I will listen to multiple times. Guitar skills = a whole mood. - TAMARA JENNA

The video is another home-style visual which is something that I love seeing. There's a rawness within home videos that feel, well, homely and familiar.

I'm looking forward to seeing the growth of this band!

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