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RUIZ! - The Human Touch - LATEST RELEASE


The Human Touch

Sheffield, United Kingdom

‘The Human Touch’ by RUIZ! is the indie rock track you absolutely must listen to this week. It's a genre-bending synthy pop-rock track that holds nothing back. The sound feels like it comes straight out of the 80s, it's loud, droning and varied. The vocals climb on one another to build their sound, it's a harmony of prowess, one that keeps its dimensions as it moves. And boy does it move. The sound feels like it moves on water, and shifts like a ship, you get your sails caught in the winds of its melody and there’s no stopping your journey into the ineffable mind of RUIZ!.

The song starts simple, little bass, drums, guitar, and vocals. All lovely. But as it goes, as it disembarks from its core sound, and returns and leaves, and returns again. It becomes more complex. Each endeavour adds something. A ting, a slide, a simple harmony and it all adds up. By the end, its bombardment, sounds and melodies and harmonies crash into a cacophonous zenith that makes your soul hum. If you like indie and are into those 80s bands that changed music for the better (A Flock Of Seagulls comes to mind), then you will demolish ‘The Human Touch’ by RUIZ!. The sound lives and breathes and it's here to stay, and I’m not angry about it in the slightest.


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