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Rykarda Parasol's "A Gigolo's Manifesto": A Lyrical Journey into Dark Lounge Rock

Album cover of Rykarda Parasol's single 'A Gigolo's Manifesto'
Album cover of Rykarda Parasol's single 'A Gigolo's Manifesto'

Rykarda Parasol, a San Francisco-based singer-songwriter, announces her fifth album 'Tuesday Morning', with the lead single 'A Gigolo's Manifesto' offering a glimpse into her dark, elegant musical style. Known for her distinctive approach to music, Parasol blends lounge rock with a 60's touch, reminiscent of icons Serge Gainsbourg and the Velvet Underground.

'A Gigolo's Manifesto' stands as a testament to Parasol's prowess as a sonic and lyrical storyteller. The song weaves a narrative of cold indifference and emotional detachment, portrayed through a "gigolo" character. Its blend of strings, guitar, and Parasol's gin-tinged voice create a heady, introspective ambience.

So, what's the verdict? Well, there's a whole land of sounds, a hit off the mark. Is it pop, is it rock? is it avant-garde? It's all three. There's a magical feel to the piece that feels effortless, calm and just super cool!

There's a piece of gold found in the artistry of Parasol.

'Tuesday Morning', the album marks a significant personal and artistic metamorphosis for Parasol. The album delves into themes of recovery, predator-prey relationships, and complex entanglements, showcasing her talent as both a physical and sonic collagist.

Parasol's journey has been one of continuous evolution, transitioning from darker themes to more light-infused compositions while maintaining her unique style. Her hiatus in Paris influenced her creative process, resulting in collaborations with Marc Ottavi and a renewed focus on music.

The album boasts sounds from the cool chic of the Velvet Underground to elegant psych and 60's styled pop. Fans can also expect a unique French cover of Zouzou’s 'Ne Cherche Pas', adding a European flair to the album.

Rykarda Parasol's music reflects her personal journey, evolving from dark to light. Her intimate vocals and shadowy-chic vibe, combined with influences from 60's psych pop, folk, and garage rock, create a timeless, authentic sound. Her rich background, including time spent in Sweden, her studies in literature and fine art, and her experiences in various global cities, infuse her music with depth and a broad perspective.

Genres: Alt Rock, Pop, Alternative Rock, Britpop, Garage Rock, Post-Punk, Psychedelic Rock, Singer-Songwriter

Mood: Avant-garde, Edgy, Retro, Dark

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