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SAASZ Unveils 'Perfect Machine': A Dreamy Exploration of Existence Wrapped in Alt-Pop

Cover art for SAASZ's 'Perfect Machine'
Cover art for SAASZ's 'Perfect Machine'

Manchester's Own SAASZ Crafts a Soul-Stirring Masterpiece from the Heart of Her Home Studio.

Welcome to the artistry of Manchester-based independent artist SAASZ! Her latest single, "Perfect Machine" blends influences from Lana Del Rey, Still Corners, and Cigarettes After Sex, to deliver a captivating piece indeed. Dreamy, the opening is so dreamy. It allows you to float with your thoughts, almost in a state of meditation. Its frequency will shift your mood if you're in a bad one, you'll feel free of the nightmare. You'll question, you'll wonder and you'll feel safe in its arms. It's contemplative and experimental. As the composition develops, the emotions do too. Expect violins, cinematic, you'll rise with their awakening and you'll become all consumed. The juxtaposition works well at conjuring emotions, from the tranquil and contemplative to the bold and cinematic. Again, experimental pop. It hits. Overall, it resonates with the soulful depths and ethereal heights of art pop and dream pop.

As a one-woman show, SAASZ embodies the essence of independent artistry—writing, performing, and producing his work in the intimate setting of her home studio. Showcasing that this is not a limitation, SAASZ brings art to life through her dedication to her craft. The lack of notable gigs or mainstream media appearances only adds to the allure, emphasizing the music's raw authenticity and the artist's genuine connection to her creative vision whilst leaving listeners anticipating any potential upcoming performances. I guess we can say - WE FOUND HER FIRST! I'm claiming that.

"Perfect Machine" urges us to explore the depths of one's psyche, to find beauty in the melancholy, and to discover a sense of peace in the chaos of existence. It's one for the thinkers, the philosophers and those who value depth.

In a world where music can often feel mass-produced and impersonal, SAASZ offers a refreshing reminder of the power of individual creativity and the impact of music made with genuine passion and purpose. I'm looking forward to hearing more.

Genres: Soul, Art Pop, Alternative Pop, Dream Pop, Contemporary Pop

Mood: Epic, Euphoric, Relaxing, Cinematic

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