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SABREEN ISLAM - Still Love You


Still Love You

Auckland, New Zealand

Credit - Fabressa Iqram

Sabreen Islam boasts a sound that is heartwarming, soul stitching and utterly endearing. New pop with folk vibes, it's always a good time. The message is clear, it's set to an upbeat instrumental and the entire track seems to sigh with endless adoration. Of course, I’m talking about Sabreen Islam’s latest single, ‘still love you.’ It's pop, but it's so much more. It's the message of the song, wrapped up in a sound that makes you delve down into a clear pool of reminiscence, you come up soaking but ready to love again. The catchy melodies, a chorus with a hook that bites and vocals that wrap the whole sound together, ‘still love you’ is a treat.

Sabreen Islam’s sound is unique. It houses all of the qualities of the biggest names in pop, plus one more. It seems outwardly expressive. The message is for us, the listener. I feel as if I am being sung to, not at. Sabreen Islam’s music is not selfish, it's generous, and it's endlessly uplifting.


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