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Hailing from Chennai, Hindustani vocalist Sahana Naresh presents "Vaari Vaari," an innovative fusion track blending Electronic and Hindustani music. Inspired by a classical composition in Raag Yaman, "Vaari Vaari" showcases Sahana's talent for transcending musical boundaries. The track is a blend of jazz and soul-inspired harmonies with modern electronic effects, underpinned by Sahana's powerful vocals. Traditional elements like gamaks and taans are incorporated, enriching the texture of the piece. The looping "GMDN" sargam hook, amplified by vocal modulation and spatial effects, adds another layer of complexity to this mesmerizing piece. "Vaari Vaari" is an ode to undying love and a testament to Sahana's ability to innovate within her craft. Whether you're familiar with Hindustani or Electronic music, this track is certain to captivate. For a world of Drum and Bass with vocal chops and a mix of ethically enhanced fusion, look no further! A wonderfully underrepresented fusion.


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