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SamSeb Kierkegaard climbs mountains in latest project



SamSeb Kierkegaard

Chatham, United Kingdom

Credit - Claude Ando





On 20/05/2022 South Korean Alt-Rock, artist #SamSebKierkegaard released their latest 4-track project entitled Luna: The Invisible Irony. 'Luna: Fantasy Named Happiness' holds the narrative of a boy from the city of Reality, Luna Moonlight - "the heroine", and Uncertainty acting as "the Monster". The narrative alone captured my attention and once I listened to the project I was further intrigued by the artistry of #SamSebKierkegaard. Opening the EP, we're introduced to a track named 'Luna: The Invisible Irony. This piece does not ease itself in! It starts with a fierce drum progression and heavy rock guitar strums. Their velocity and levels in the mix make for something energetic without running the risk of being overbearing. I could blast this track and the mix wouldn't appear imbalanced. As the artist begins to sing we hear the voice of an emo rocker - something I'm always a fan of. Luna: Luna Moonlight continues the dark alt-rock vibe but this time we hear something more experimental in production through elements of country twangs and electronic elements. One thing that I love about this artist is his darkness. The vocals have a way of offering pain as a painting - and a beautiful one at that. Sometimes the most beautiful things are found in the darkness and I truly believe that this is a classic example. Track 3 entitled 'Dependent Personality Disorder is an eccentric piece - It's uneasy in its opening both in production, mixing techniques, and vocals. I think the feeling that these imbalances create is reflective of the meaning behind the piece. Capturing dark emotions including anxiety, depression, denial, and rejection is something that #SamSebKierkegaard does in style. Concluding the EP is a track called "Luna: The Myth of Sysiphus". For those of you who aren't familiar with the Myth, it is an ancient philosophical story by Existentialist Philosopher Albert Camus'. It tells the story of a man climbing a mountain, this is difficult enough right? but this man is pushing a boulder. He falls several times and starts again from the start. In the most basic of explanations, this is the story of failure, fight, desire, and strength. All of these qualities are addressed in the lyrics of this track. Through his EP, #SamSebKierkegaard brings existential philosophy to fictional characters in a land that highlights the worlds of Soren Kierkegaard and Tim Burton. As a musician and a Philosophy graduate, this project really struck a chord. As a lover of existentialism, I rate the concepts and lyrics 10/10 here, in terms of production 8/10 giving it an overall strong 9/10! Check out these 4 truly inspirational pieces by clicking the link above this writeup!



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