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Chicago, United States

Sarantos’s unique blend of electric instrumental meets pop meets rap meets rock has given rise to a new single, ‘Comets’. A song of love, youth and their intertwined fates. The song is full of instrumental harmony that sits beside the vocal, in both the singing and spoken word sections of the song. It works to lift the song up to another level of volume and texture and allows for the message of the track to sail directly into our ears with little effort on our part. As a listener, we get to just sit back and enjoy the spoils of great music, toiled over and crafted by minds and hands that obviously live for the craft.

The song opens with a whisper. Drums smack out a beat that befuddles us until the synth and guitar join in and it all becomes clear. The mix of synths, plucked acoustic guitar and chugging electric tones create a space that is new and inspired by punk and emo sounds of the 00s. It's classic and it's great to hear new takes on the tones and textures that were so popular so recently. When the chorus begins it all makes sense, it's big, full of volume and synths and it climbs as high as it can before crashing down for the verse to carry us up the hill to the next one.

‘Comets’ speaks a message from varying angles, all the while a smashing melody and instrumental sing in the back, creating a sound that is simply, Sarantos. - FREDDIE MCKEE


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