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Satellite Train's 'Superstar' Brings Back Memories of 80s Rock Heroes

Satellite Train's 'Superstar' Brings Back Memories of 80s Rock Heroes

‘Superstar’ from Satellite Train brings back memories of 80s rock heroes. The guitars have that bite, the sparkle, the sheen. They howl rather than growl. The drums clack, roll on the toms and splash on the cymbals. They call the shots, they ride the waves. The bass holds the tone down to the floor. It punches it in the chorus, keeping the song on track, feeling the crowd, playing the game. And then comes the vocal. Star-bright, effervescent, golden in the stadium lights. The quality is astounding. From the first word, you are gripped. They fit the mood, slotting into the gaps in the instrumental. When the chorus comes around they let go, sending notes up into the stratosphere, flanking them with harmonies and vocal frills. Listening to the chorus of ‘Superstar’ feels like watching the Red Arrows fly overhead. It's guttural, powerful, a true spectacle of sound.

Satellite Train know what a rocking performance feels like. If you want to find out, listen to ‘Superstar.’ You won’t be disappointed.


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