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Shanti Chapman's Gospel Single "Joy Comes In The Morning" - A Testament to Faith and Hope

Shanti Chapman, an embodiment of passion and purpose, is not just any musician. This former United States Army musician possesses an undeniable zeal for touching souls, a fire that was kindled during his teenage years upon embracing Christ. Through his new gospel single, "Joy Comes In The Morning," Chapman extends a powerful message of faith, hope, and the unwavering promises of God.

DeMaskUs Music Group, championing the tagline "Feel the Power," couldn't have made a better choice than releasing Chapman's soul-stirring track. Produced by the talented Tre' Corley, a name associated with giants like Wess Morgan and Donnie McClurkin, "Joy Comes In The Morning" is a testimony to Chapman's musical prowess and his profound relationship with God.

Chapman's journey in the world of music is both vast and varied. A master in Piano Performance from Marshall University, he served his nation with melodies, wearing the badge of a United States Army musician for a decade. But what truly set his soul ablaze was the transformative power of gospel music during his formative years, guiding him towards his divine purpose.

Today, Chapman sees himself as more than just a musician. He's a messenger, a vessel through which God's love and promises reverberate. His track, "Joy Comes In The Morning," is more than just a song; it's a declaration of God's enduring love and a beacon of hope for every believer navigating the storms of life.

For those seeking solace, strength, or simply a touch of divinity, Chapman's music is the sanctuary. As the notes flow and the lyrics resonate, listeners are gently reminded that no matter how long the night, joy surely comes in the morning.



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