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SILVER SHORES - Silver Shores EP


Silver Shores EP

Oakland, CA, United States

Photo Credit - Mario Amanzio

Silver Shores’ self-titled debut EP is a heartfelt and energetic romp in the colourful and emotional world of pop/alternative indie rock. It has all the hallmarks of a fantastic indie opener. It's bright; full of high vocals that harmonise with the chorus below; call-and-response guitar riffs chirp in the back, catching your ear off guard and sending the tune deeper into your psyche. ‘Silver Shores’ can be fast, it can be slow. What it is always, is human. An honest debut that wears its heart on its sleeve, Silver Shores is an indie rock name that will soon be uttered in the same breath as The Foals and Tempesst.

Starting off insanely strong with ‘Anew,’ ‘Silver Shores’ barrels towards that indie twang. It finds it between a catchy beat, up time vocals and a guitar tone that is new and cool to the touch. It whistles off to the right, sighs and hums off to the left while the bass carves a steady path for the melody to follow down the middle. The vibe is calm, it's fast but not rushed. You’ll get there when the time is right, riding a bullet train of good tidings and jamming out to regal tunes.

What will catch your breath and keep Silver Shores in your head is their textural work. ‘Standstill’ moves away from the faster-paced ‘Anew’ and works with pianos and acoustic guitars. Still, there’s a bright lark call of electric guitar off to one side. Sliding in the night it weaves constellations that move to the sway of your lighter, as you rock to the smooth melodies. The vocal takes a seat, coming in closer but bringing its attitude from before. It's solemn but not sad. Moody, in a cool way. The vibe changes again with ‘Now and Then.’ Now it's segmented, the bass and acoustic guitars working to chug away a slow riff while wails of tone soar into the sky. The vocal harmonises with the instrumental and cycles through the song — verse-chorus-verse — keeping things tight, clean and full of emotion.

‘Silencer’ turns it up. We’ve been waiting for that raunchy indie rock explosion: when the backing bursts open with colour and funk but the vocal sits sentinel, taking its time counting the petals. ‘Silencer’ is that song. It's robust, magnetic and tonal. Catchy as all heck and carries a powerful guitar medley in the back. Silver Shores is proving time and time again that they are a flexible force to be reckoned with. From slow tunes like ‘Don’t Know Anything’ to faster ‘Anew’ and then into the balladesque ‘Hearsay.’ Musicality and care flow through the veins of all these songs. Rending them lively, creative and damn near impossible to skip.

From start to finish, ‘Silver Shores’ stunned me. It's an EP that cannot be described as a band dipping their toes into a genre. Oh no. Here, Silver Shores ignored all of the safety signage on the walls of the swimming pool, took a 100-yard run up, and performed the biggest cannonball you’ve ever laid your sweet eyes upon. You’re left drenched and laughing, waiting for the next splash to wash right over you.



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