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SINGLE REVIEW - PHONIX - The Little Things


The Little Things

Charlotte, United States

Phonix’s new track ‘The Little things’ Is the perfect song for any indie lovers out there! The musical elements give it quite a feel-good and uplifting atmosphere, and this complements those warm and relaxed vocals quite effectively. I think it is this sweet tone to the vocals which makes Phonix quite a distinctive artist and allows his songs to really shine through. The guitar work was also quite effective, along with those repeating guitar chords throughout, there was an addition of riffs at the beginning setting out the melody line nicely, acting as a hook to keep all listeners engaged from the offset. It is credited to the clever lyricism that the listener feels as though the song was written for them. A heartfelt message of how sometimes those more insignificant things can build up and have a greater effect on us than more obvious problems. Comparing these floods of emotions to a more naturalistic landscape like rivers really helps to visualise the consequence of keeping things inside and how they can stream into more severe outcomes. It is this relatability aspect of Phonix’s writing which helps create a positive effect on listeners, yet he also possesses the ability to craft common life problems into a unique experience through the clever use of metaphors.



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