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Mimile Et Toctoc

Paris, France

Credits - Serge Von Rosenchild / Mikaël Matingou

Simon Chenet releases an extremely thought out, intricate track in his release ‘Mimile et Toctoc’. With styles of jazz and feel-good instrumental solos, an intensely uplifting experience is created. Specifically, in the beginning, I felt the addition of piano really emphasised that jazz twinge to the music. The slight incorporation of bongos gave quite a rural element to it, making the song initially feel quite tribal. However, then followed by a dramatic entrance of drum fire and other complementary instruments gives the track this unique and unforgettable style. It was this weaving of various styles and feelings in the track which instantly lifted my mood, and also gives credit to Simon’s artistic talents. I particularly enjoyed the guitar solos as the plucking was very well articulated and really made that catchy melody line even more distinctive. ‘Mimile et Toctoc’ is the perfect track to listen to in the background of tasks, helping you stay productive through that constant upbeat melody line, or could even serve as background music in restaurants to ensure positive experiences are sustained. I look forward to hearing more of Simon’s releases and hope he continues to entice listeners through his upbeat music.



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