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Siren: A Deephouse Odyssey by 59 Perlen and Ingeborg - A Harmonic Confluence of Love and Compassion

The cover art for 'Siren'
The cover art for 'Siren'

Siren' by 59 Perlen and Ingeborg: A Deephouse Declaration of Love and Compassion in a Turbulent World

Swiss meets Netherlands in a song that promises to blow your socks off. The song? You ask - That would be "Siren" cover by 59 Perlen and Ingeborg. In an era craving for messages of unity and empathy, this deephouse single by pushes the boundaries of electronic music, deep house, and dub techno, in a narrative of love and compassion amidst the tumultuous backdrop of our times.

How does one form such a collaboration? Well, in this case, we have Instagram to thank. Ingeborg's encounter with 59 Perlen's track "Swim To You" on Instagram sparked an impromptu collaboration that would eventually culminate in this deephouse odyssey. This unlikely pairing of talents has resulted in a track that showcases their individual artistry but also their shared commitment to crafting music that resonates on a universal level.

So, who are the duo behind "Siren"? 59 Perlen, is a live act and music producer based in Zurich, who has been celebrated for his minimalist tracks. Blending dub elements with ambient atmospheres, whilst maintaining a danceable rhythm is a skill the 59 Perlen owns best. On the other side of the collaboration is Ingeborg, who moved to Zurich in 2013. Her vocals captivate due to their rich, melodic, and experimentalism within the dream pop genre.

Evergrowing, the sound of reverb not only fills the space but also enhances its walls. There's an echo-filled vocal, haunting, hypnotizing, and, sweet at the same time. The kick drum pounds throughout making the piece stand out as a strong EDM masterpiece. There's no holding back - the hi-hats enhance the pattern, simple yet effective, carrying the song through at the forefront of everything else. The synths, elongated and fluctuating, weave out in between the mix to design a cinematic and compassionate production. It's excellent. It knows how to slow down, it knows when to chill and when to go full force. All in all, it's a hypnotic rollercoaster-filled space.

Genre: Deep House, House, Vocal Dance/EDM, Electronic Pop

Mood: Relaxing, Euphoric, Compassionate, Love-filled, Hopeful

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