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Sky Canyon's 'Bop That Rhythm': The Epitome of Jazz Excellence

You have to dive back into jazz every now and then if you love music. There is a joy in jazz, a showcase of life at its best and worse. The rougher the fingers the better they play. Sky Canyon’s, ‘Bop That Rhythm,’ is jazz just like you want it. Fast, slow, smooth, brittle, funky, suave, and everything in between. The track breathes to life in an instant and never lets go. Stellar performances all around, a smashing drum solo and a melody that will call and response you back to childhood. It’s bright, it’s cool and it takes risks. That’s what jazz needs to be! It’s why jazz rocks your world.

Sky Canyon’s vibraphone performance is sublime. It’s perfect — it’s as clear and diverse as anything out there. Then you think about Eric Gunnison on piano, Ron Bland on bass and Mike Marlier on drums. Each performance gets its time in the limelight and they are all deserving. A masterful song, composed from the sound of life itself.



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